Ready To Get Spoiled By Sniffany ?

Whether it's chic dog bowls to serve your dog's favourite dish, a sleek lead and collar, or the most luxurious dog beds, Sniffany & Co’s selection of offerings for your dog (and you) promises to delight.

This is a judgement-free zone for Crazy Dog & Cat People. It's not weird to fixate on finding the best for your dog & cat; we're right there with you.


Located right in the heart of the Historic Distillery District in Toronto. 

Make it a full day of fun with your pooch in this dog friendly part of town.

All stores & galleries allow dogs to join you on your adventure ( except for the businesses selling food due to the restrictions set in place by Health Canada ).

The restaurants will let you tie your dog to their fence right where you eat. But if you arent comfortable with that, please pop on by, we may be able to watch your four legged friend while you go for a couple of drinks or some food. 


The Historic Distillery District

10 Case Goods Lane, Toronto, ON, M5A 3C4

Play Times



Tuesday - Saturday

11 am - 6 pm


11 am - 5 pm

Why us ?


Store Owner

Sniffany & Co has been spoiling dogs all across Europe from Zurich Switzerland since 2009! It was founded out of the desire to have dogs live a long & happy life by Aileen & her pug Daisy.

In 2019 Natalia, younger sister of Aileen, decided to build on & extend the family business to North America.

The second store location sits now proudly right in the heart of the Historic Distillery District in Toronto, Canada.

We are an independent, woman-owned & operated company. We believe that your dogs & cats are family members rather than just pets.

Last but not least we are huge supporters of non-profit dog rescue organizations world wide.

See you soon & we look forward to having your pup ( or cat ) spoiled by Sniffany !